About Free Stuff Me

Free Stuff Me is all about providing a valuable, up to date archive of useful and interesting sites for our visitors. It is also designed to provide multiple links back to sites that link to us on a reciprocal link exchange, the intention is not to be judgemental of sites that do not link back but rather more towards providing a good resource for all of our site visitors, this has it’s downfalls and is remedied by the following procedures in Link Policies.

This archive is all about Free Stuff please do not request a link if you do NOT run some kind of free service as your link will not be added as this is not the intention of this site, this service is also unbiased i.e. we also run a free counter site but this will not stop us from advertising others on this site as it is all about free stuff and our commitment to provide webmaster tools.

Unfortunately, not all site owners think the same, so additionally we need to protect our interests as an independent company, a tremendous amount of work goes into building a reputation and goodwill as any webmaster can appreciate and we are not about to give this all away to sites that do not link back to us so we have adopted procedures to be fair to all we deal with this in our Link Policies Please review these.

At this present point the directory for free stuff me is being built manually designed to be proactively built by robots across all link sites, the robots will take over this job by the end of march 2004, the reason is there are an awful lot of sites to update within the Globel and DreamSight Network, this does not mean we will not independently review each site entry as this will still carry on, what this does mean is that all the entries and links will be organised and optimised for our customers and the robot submission system takes some of the manual work away from us.

We hope you found this information useful and informative.