Link Policies

How it works?

1. Redirected listing:

We will advertise and link your site for free provided it follows our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and your site is a useful, informative and relative site for this archive and all of our visitors! Please read (ALL) these terms as we reserve the right not to correspond with you in any fashion (email or otherwise) if you break any of our terms.

We also want to include all the best sites on the Internet here; your advertisement can appear on any page under a relevant category and is subject to our users votes for your site, they have the final word!

2. Direct listing:

We limit the amount of Direct linking to any external page to an absolute minimum, if we do direct link to your site you will not be subject to the voting system and your advert will always appear at the top of the list regardless, please contact (webmaster AT for details, these type of adverts are partnerships and sometimes reciprocal so if you have a good site we may be interested, these type of listings appear at the top of the page in a bold table.

3. Editor listings:

Sometimes whilst reviewing sites we find particularly useful ones, these are again in a bold table at the top of the page, if your site becomes listed as a favourite by an editor you can usually guarantee good traffic from our site, you can not request an editor listing and you cannot pay for an editor listing, these are put there as voted the best site by the editor.